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Vehicle Maintenance

Easily monitor oil changes, inspections, registrations and other routine maintenance.

Fuel Management

Real-time reports provide essential information about fleet fuel consumption.

Driver Safety

Behavior analysis tracks speed, braking and more in real time and sends you instant alerts.

SP Quick View

Allow customers to access data such as vehicle routes, ETA and driver information.

Asset Tracking

Gain complete visibility, control, and protection over trailers, freight, and more.

Driver ID

Instantly determine who is behind the wheel, eliminating unauthorized use.

Fleet Routing

Build routes visually on a map, then optimize each route for time and fuel consumption.

Electronic Logbook (ELD)

Manage Hours of Service and meet Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requirements.

2-Way Messaging

Send messages to drivers, dispatch information and provide turn-by-turn directions.

SP Connect API

Connect Silent Passenger with third party software to utilize data and simplify tasks.

Mobile Applications

Receive instant updates and view data about your fleet from your mobile device.

Fleet IQ

Configurable real-time dashboards deliver actionable business intelligence.

Silent Passenger Fleet Management Software

Silent Passenger is intuitive and easy to use … literally putting information-rich data at your fingertips in real time to increase efficiencies fleetwide and enhance your bottom line.

Download today to learn how to manage your fleet better with telematics software.

  • Improve Fleet Safety
  • Streamline Maintenance Activities
  • Manage Fuel Consumption
  • Optimize Routes
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Streamline Fleet Operations

Manage a More Efficient, Productive and Profitable Fleet

Make data-driven decisions that improve fleet safety, efficiency, and productivity – driving cost-savings and operational excellence that result in maximized profits.

Fleet Efficiency

Increase visibility into your fleet to help reduce unnecessary costs and maximize profits.

Driver Safety

Ensure drivers behave responsibly and safely with driver behavior analysis and real-time alerts.

Know where vehicles, drivers, and assets are and ensure that they are working at their fullest potential.

Fleet Productivity

Advanced Fleet & Business Reporting

Connect, analyze, and access essential data on your fleet operations, vehicles, drivers, and customers within one intuitive platform.


Meet compliance requirements while keeping drivers and operations undisrupted.

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Client Success Stories

“Silent Passenger has provided us the advanced reporting needed to improve driver safety, reduce accidents, and quantify overall savings. Plus, they have reliable customer support.”

Alex Mark

Vice President of Operations, Jack Williams Tire

“The result was a solution even better than we imagined. Even more so, our customer response has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Gregg Richard

P.C. Richard & Son

Data-Driven Fleet Management Software

Transform fleet data from hindsight into actionable insights across your business operations with advanced management features, reporting dashboards, and flexible API integrations.

Fleet Intelligence:
Making the Most of Your Telematics Data to Drive Success

Silent Passenger - Powered by Vehicle Tracking Solutions

The Power of Fleet IntelligenceTM

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Fleet tracking and telematics is about more than just the numbers. It’s about what you do with those numbers. Telematics software pulls data from all aspects of your fleet’s operations. Now, you can be in the passenger seat of each of your vehicles watching routes, idle times, fuel consumption, driver behavior, and more. All the information that you previously relied on drivers, dispatchers, and mechanics to convey to you, you can see in a single telematics platform.